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A hot stone massage works wonders on a cold body!

With London Fashion Week looming, I thought I would pre-empt the madness and go for a much needed massage before the shows began. And with the weather doing it’s usual Febuary freeze, I opted for a Hot Stone Massage at Sorbet in Muswell Hill.

Not exactly eager to strip down to my birthday suit, I was made completely at ease by my lovely Spanish masseuse. Apparenlty the hot stones are the perfect for saying “toodles to toxins” and the heat of the really rather hot stones does wonders for opening your muscles so the therapist can get in for a deep but very relaxing massage.

I have a vague recollection of comparing it to the cheats version to hot yoga, before I dropped off! It is not in anyway unpleasant, just a little odd at first. I wasn’t expecting hot stones between my toes for example, but apparently I have tense feet! Which makes sense with the amount of trotting about I do!! Once you have gotten over the actual heated stones, which are super smooth and flat- like pebbles for skimming, it is easy to relax. Although you don’t have any idea where your therapist will place them next!

By putting them on the palms of your hand, on your belly and shoulders, it improves the flow of energy in your body, and anything to make those tense parts of me relax is not a bad thing.

Each client will have an individiual experience, but it is defintiely one I would recommend if you haven’t tried it before. Next time I am in need of a deep root around my muscles, I will be back! After fashion week then!

With a menu like this, I think there is something to tickle everyone’s fancy!

Knead for Swede

Back and Neck Swedish Massage (30 min)
£ 30
Full Body Swedish Massage (60 min)
£ 50

Relax Max Massage

With Stress Relief Aromatherapy Oils (60 min)
£ 55

Go Getter Massage

With Energising Aromatherapy Oils (60 min)
£ 55

Knock your Tox Off

With Detoxifying Oils (60 min)
£ 55

Achy Breaky Hot Stone Massage

Back and Neck (30 min)
£ 35
Full Body (60 min)
£ 60

Relaxing Foot or Hand Massage

Includes Soak and Exfoliation (30 min)
£ 15

Back Up Plan

Back Cleanse, like a facial for your back (45 min)
£ 35
For more info and booking contact

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