You are currently viewing A Century of Style and what a stylish century it was!

A Century of Style and what a stylish century it was!

I was lucky enough to attend the press view of the 100 Years of Vogue at the National Portrait Gallery last week and after much salivating over the stunning collection of images, models and fashion I have done a review for 49Winters.

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2016 celebrates 100 years of British Vogue and to honor the occasion, it is sharing its vast and colourful history in a retrospective at the National Portrait Gallery in London, entitled Vogue: A Century of Style.

Taking over a year to assemble, current Vogue Editor Alexandra Shulman worked with Patrick Kinmonth on design- a member of the Vogue family she has known since the 70s. Keeping it in the family is something, which is very important to Vogue. Almost like an elite fashion family- once you have passed the initiation, you are welcome back!

This is certainly true with Kate Moss who has been one of the most popular cover stars across he 20+ year career. And the exhibition opens with her infamous if not irreverent Union Jack shot, taken by Marion Testino. Closely followed by the full and much talked about, controversial shoot with Corinne Day from 1993 when Kate was just 19. The images of a waif-like Moss in her underwear in a grungy flat, caused a commotion about eating disorders and drug abuse and resulted in Moss’s agent banning her from working with Day again. However, it launched her to celebrity-dom and she has appeared in countless Vogue shoots since.

But the show doesn’t only celebrate models or the clothes (or lack of- be prepared for lots of flesh) it showcases the remarkable range of photography that has been commissioned by British Vogue since it was founded in 1916. Bringing together over 280 prints from the Conde Nast archives, it provides a chronological history of fashion, trends and popular culture across the decades, which has made it one of the most influential, intelligent and inspirational fashion magazines around the world.

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