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Getting to Grips with Grinberg at Gazelli House

AKA having my first experience having my tootsies read!

I’m up for trying pretty much anything- and have absoulutely no brand loyalty- sorry products, but hey there advertisers! However, I keep coming back to Gazelli House in South Kensington. A haven for chilling out, I thought this would be the ideal place to test my toe in the water of the Grinberg way…

As soon as I set myself down on the bed I knew it would be an intense experience. My therapist Rachel Glendinning told me to relax and answer the questionnaire whilst she prodded, poked and smoothed by hard walking hoofs in order to get to the crux of my physical and emotional wellbeing. This makes sense to me as if you are on your feet all day your feet can’t lie!

I don’t know if my discomfort was registering, or my flinches meant anything, but there are certain parts of my feet which seemed to be very tensed up- and as if by magic, Rachel uncovered some emotional baggage from assessing my foot balls!

Known for busting stress, and treating all kinds of 21st lifestyle obstacles, the Grinberg Method is along the lines of hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, but in massage form. Acting as a physical therapy for psychological problems, massage is used to address blocks, which you might not realise you had. Miraculously it is also like therapy, with Rachel directing some leading questions in relation to what she had read from my feet.

Not having come in for a particular issue, it was interesting for Rachel to work me through some potential concerns and trapped patterns she had picked up on in my history, this lead to the first session concentrating on my shoulders to ease out my automatic relflex to fidget.

An unusual practise, as it was more gruelling than relaxing, but after just one session I was able to understand that it was my choice, whether to use a certain area or keep it knotted up.

Leaving Gazelli House, feeling slightly battered, yet strangely light, this is a therapy that I could see working wonders for me.

For more information, ask for a booking with Rachel Glendinning at Gazelli House.

174 Walton Street, London, SW3 2JL



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