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Popeye was on the right track! Olives are good for you

Olive oil has been around for centuries, but arguably became part of popular culture thanks to the cartoon strip Popeye and his hard done by girlfriend Olive Oyl in 1919!

Not only is it a delicious cooking oil, the humble olive has been given a 21st century makeover by those clever folks at Ovio, where the young leaves from the plant have been squeezed, infused and carefully brewed to create a delicious and refreshing beverage in a ready to drink bottle.

Another drinks fad, I hear you cry?! I think less of a fad and more of a lifestyle choice.

A step beyond bitter green tea, the Ovio Infusion drinks offer a blend of flavours in a ready mixed soft drink, which tick the boxes of being thirst quenching, restorative and good for you!

With holistic choices becoming more popular, it is no wonder that healthy substitutes are popping up like funghi… And with olives working wonders for the Mediterranean diet, the brand founders, Dominic and Susan White have jumped on a so far undeveloped superfood, and created a selection of tasty and replenishing water-based soft drinks.

Keeping the drinks natural, free of e-numbers and sugars is the key to the thirst quenching flavour combos. As one of Nature’s most powerful anti-oxidants, it isn’t necessarily going to taste fabulous on it’s own, so mixed with natural, organic ingredients, the lemon and mint, strawberry and elderberry and cucumber and juniper, taste as good as they sound; And containing just 28 calories per bottle, you can safely say that your body will thank you.

Being healthy can taste good! Check out the website and join in

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