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Getting fit can be fun. If you do it the Core Collective Way

The new gym on the block

Fashion, style and wellbeing are extremely well connected, so I have been spreading my wings a bit recently and trying out some new classes.

I may or may not have been inspired by super slinky Suki Shufu, the sports luxe brand I worked with earlier this year (perfect for gym bunnies and beyond). I don’t quite have the derriere of our lithe 22 year old model, but I’m pretty fit, and am very partial to a stretchy pant, so ‘workout guinea pig’ is the latest hat (or even crop top) I am trying out!

Therefore I was filled with glee when the email popped up in my inbox, inviting me to sample some classes at the newest glam gym on the block, The Core Collective in Kensington; With no sign-up fees, no contract and no monthly charges Core Collective have set a new standard for a non intimidating, boutique fitness hub.

However after a weekend at The Secret Garden Party, I almost didn’t make the 9am call time, but professionalism took over, and my auto-pilot got me to the sparkly studios just in time! I could however have spent a good half hour luxuriating in the changing rooms. With 5 star facilities,  I should have known that the classes were designed to get you sweaty!!

I joined a bunch of journalists for the taster spin sesh, 25 minutes of super loud dance music, very muscly trainer and well used sweaty towels actually passed very quickly, and thankfully due to dimmed lights, I couldn’t tell whether I was the only ‘newbie’, but the small class meant that each any every one of us was engaged, and there was no hiding at the back! The class is normally for 45 minutes, but the point was to get an intro to all the facilities, so we were chaperoned, wobbly legs and all to the gym for a HiiT sesh.  Combining interval, functional and core stability each move was repeated for a minute with a short H2O stop before moving on to next circuit. Easy if you know what you’re doing, but pretty hardcore if doing press ups on a tractor wheel is not your thing!!!

With simplicity at the centre of their approach to fitness, Core Collective offer a streamlined program of up to the minute velocity, resistance, accelerate and power yoga classes in an intimate environment. The friendly and bendy staff are there to motivate you and want you to achieve your personal fitness goals. I’ve certainly got some areas I would like to target: Bra babies??

I’d highly recommend getting sweaty in Kensington- check it out for yourself…

Core Collective

45 Phillimore Walk, London, W8 7RZ


To co-incide with the taster sesh, luxury online active retailer Copé Active were showcasing their wares and looking cool as cucumbers!

Founded by Caroline Wilhelm and Sophie Verwater, the entrepreneurs have taken on board what busy women need and want, and have carefully selected a range of activewear from a host of international designers hailing from Bondi to Milan to Amsterdam- and as often as possible newbies to the European market.

Founded on a community of like minded women, Copé Active is not just a website, but a haven for holistic lifestyle lovers. The fact you can indulge in a little coin crunching is a bonus!  The functional, hip workout seperates and accessories are aimed to inspire you for all your lifestyle choices, and can see you from gym to pool, to post sesh juice to meeting or school run. With group training sessions and tip sharing on nutrition and fitness encouraged, the team behind the site have got it all covered, with more to come!

Even though I’m not a Yoga Queen quite yet, I have the La Vie Boheme Dreamer Yoga mat on my wishlist. It will match perfectly with my ‘Green Juice Now Champagne Later’ tank. That’s me to a T!

Sara Darling

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