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Jeanne Pompadour knows the score

I always love a semi-surprise parcel delivery.. especially when it contains sassy lingerie!

Not that I spend too much time shopping for smalls under the influence, let me make that clear! (But it has been known!!)

I am a serious lingerie lover, so the delivery from Jeanne Pompadour arrived, I knew I would be in for a treat; It’s always a risk ordering from a website and I wasn’t exactly sure if I would automatically give me the purr of the girls who were working the looks online, but hey, I have the same great taste, so I was happy to give it a go!

Thankfully the stunning lime two piece from the┬áLove and Lemon collection did exactly what it promised. High waisted pants and sexy strappy bralette allowed the top half to do the talking whilst the bottom half was sleekily, cheekily demure. Slinky to the touch and a perfect combo of fresh colours, I couldn’t help accidently wearing tops that showed off the bra all weekend! And the big pants went down a treat!! As soft as silk but a little bit stretchy- my boyf seemed to like them too- in fact he couldn’t stop stroking me! Thanks Bridget Jones, you put apple catchers on the radar, and with sexy (and flattering) shapes like this, they will be here to stay!

Jump on the bandwagon soon as Paris Hilton has already been spied in one of the crop tops (and it wasn’t in a sex tape)! There are lots of options for bondage inspired sets along with pretty, unusual and just downright saucy looks! Soft cups, wiring, strappy or all in ones- if you want to join these cool kids, it just takes a click..

I only wish I had ordered more matching knicks, but my next indulgence will be the emoji pants. Winky face indeed!

If you are looking for Christmas pressie inspiration for yourself or a pal, check out and prepare to be let your imagination go into overdrive!!


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