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It’s all about Greek Feet with Ganor Dominic

When you look at a pair of shoes, a variety of emotions can pass through your mind.

The Cinderella moment is one that doesn’t come along very often! But when you set your eyes upon the works of art by newbie designer Ganor Dominic, which consists of two sisters- one the designer, and one the business brains, you might just get that skipped heartbeat!

With the motto for the first collection ‘If not now, then when?’, it epitomises the feeling of decadence and freedom that gorgeous shoes release.

Winning the coveted Jimmy Choo Award at the University of the Arts, London, designer Anna has worked her magic into an Ancient Greek god inspired collection, which celebrates the rich history in a unique heel with 3-d effect replica of the most famous Greek gods. Along with flats and Roman style sandals, the collection is a carefree nod to summer and the digital print and details will make sure there is lots for you and your friends to admire!

I caught up with designer Anna for a chat…

SD- You obviously are inspired by classical architecture in your designs- is there any particular reason for this?
GD- I think every creative has something special that  fascinates him/her. For me it’s all things classical (art, sculpture, architecture, music …) . I can’t say there’s a particular reason for it , maybe it’s because I’ve been travelling a lot since very young age and together with my parents we visited lots of historical places. I feel really attached to the objects that have a story to tell.

SD- Do you design with a certain customer in mind?
GD- I usually start with one or two key designs , which come solely from my imagination without any particular customer in mind . But then when developing the range , I try to fit the taste of several types of women of different age and lifestyle.

SD- Your designs, particularly with the heel architecture are very unusual, are they taken from particular landmarks- if so what?
GD- When designing SS16 ‘Marble’ collection I was getting inspiration from Ancient Greece. I’ve been there quite a while ago , so don’t remember much , but I did lots of research about Greek architecture and sculpture during my final year at LCF . I also have Greek roots , our grand grand mother was from Athens , so probably this influenced my inspiration as well .

SD- Do you see a niche in the market for customising shoes- would this work for you?
GD- Yes there is definitely demand for customised shoes . People always want to have something unique and special . At the moment we are not focusing on this , but for the future we would definitely consider custom made service as well.

SD- How do you prepare and research each shoe. Is it organic- are you sketching all the time, or do you make yourself sit down and draw?
GD- Everything starts from an idea , then I think a lot (a lot!) . After comes the research of new components and materials (I’m not so much focused on trends , but still do look at the key shapes each season) . And then at the ‘last minute’ before going to the production , I sit down and draw all those numerous ideas that I’ve been growing in my head to develop the range.

SD- You have a face on the sole of each shoe, is this a trademark that you would like to become known for?
GD- The face .. Well actually I experimented with all different parts of the body (marble sculptures) when I was working on my final university project , but the face turned out to have the strongest look. It is actually the 3D scanned face of Apollo sculpture – Greek God of music, art, light and knowledge , it has very positive symbolism , so I don’t mind if it does become our trademark .

SD- As a luxury footwear designer, and being recognised in the prestigious National Student Footwear Awards from Jimmy Choo, do you feel pressure to design sexy shoes, or do you feel there is a place in the market for luxury, sexy every day footwear too?
GD- Of course there is ! I actually wear flats most of the time myself and you can probably tell by looking at the collection. I tried to balance it between high heels and comfortable brogues and loafers .

SD- You founded the brand with your sister, who is your brand manager. How does this relationship work with siblings?

GD- It works in the most amazing way ! Not only because I can fully trust her (which is so important in any business) , but it’s also much more fun to do what you love with someone you love ! Katherine is the brain of our brand and without her my creativity would not work.

SD- What made you decide to follow a career in shoe design- have you always had a passion for footwear?
GD- I’ve always had passion for art . During my Fondation year I tried myself in three different areas – fine arts , crafts and fashion . Then I applied for BA women’s wear course. I had some shoe drawings in my portfolio , which were noticed during my interview to UAL. They really liked my shoe ideas and I was adviced to try Footwear Design Course (which I had never thought of doing before!) . I thought that probably it was sign from destiny and  decided to take a chance. I never regretted ! Now I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.

SD- On your off days, which designers do you like to wear, or do you always wear your own brand?
GD- Haha I try to ! I even promised myself not to buy anymore shoes , but I can’t stop.. I’m a shoe addict . I have quite difficult feet and it’s hard to find the comfortable pair for me (such irony !) , so I really appreciate those which fit me well and then come back to the same model each season . One of such are Miu Miu sneakers , they are perfect for my feet . I also love my floral Dr Martins , but unfortunately this love hurts .. I worn them ones and now we have distance relationship – I just look at them and admire.

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