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Astral Original truly is a stellar skin cream

Astral Original might not be a name that you associate with advanced scientific discoveries after all it is probably something your mum and grandma used, and has been around since 1951 (check these classic ads!)

But that’s for a good reason, the formula hasn’t been changed and the ultra moisturising moisturiser is still going strong!

A complete beauty classic, the legendary blue packaging and moreish scent are still seen in bathroom cabinets and dressing tables across the country. Possibly because the multi purpose cream can be used for a myriad of functions, and girls will always want to stay feeling smooth.

It’s ideal to slather on dry skin after a shower or sunbathing- your body will quench up the nourishment, and seel in the moisture (or tan) and keep you looking slinky.  It’s perfect for your face, providing a comforting barrier against air con offices, pollution or general getting older lines! Use it as a day or night cream- the formula is the same, and it’s gentle enough to use as a make up base- or even as make up remover.

With 59% of women stating they prefer a multi purpose product, this is the one that surely ticks all the boxes. Perfect for thirsty lips, chapped heels, frizzy hair or nappy rash! I am addicted to the handy size Astral Soft, which is the perfect size for my bag, and containing Aloe Vera and vitamin E, is a must for the winter and pesky dehydrated hands.

The iconic blue pot ain’t going anywhere anytime soon, and you can be sure you will see it in the bathrooms of generations to come.

Apparenly Joanna Lumley is a fan, and if it’s good enough for Patsy, count me in!

Buy from Superdrug and all leading pharmacies.



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