Dining Out- Twin Peaks Stylee

When I was invited to my first immersive dining experience in the basement of the old Guardian Building, I was intrigued!

Especially when it was based on the work of the legendary David Lynch and his surreal show Twin Peaks. I was never a super fan, but I like food and theatre so was very much looking forward to how the night progressed… an adventure in the making!

The food was interesting (cold beetroot soup with donuts, spicy bean patties and a finale of cherry pie) but the cocktails made up for the eccentric menu, and I don’t think many people come for the food.

The wandering ‘players’ were also particularly captivating. Police officers, hillbillies, high as a kite waitresses, and my personal favourite, the log lady.. Most speaking with a dodgy American twang, they invited you into their world, and invaded your space. When my guest and I were whisked away by a vicar to see something ‘special’, we held hands like schoolkids as we went up a dark and eary staircase to witness a corpse in a black room!!! Needless to say we were¬† petrified, and couldn’t wait to get back downstairs to the comfort of the diner and the weird community down there, who were at least alive!

Immersive is almost an understatement. Being inside a very pecular dream is more appropriate.. With a finale consisting of a policeman wearing a horse’s head exposing the criminal, the diners (who by this point had all become the best of friends) were left in shock, horror and amazement! I won’t spoil the ending, but the show is definitely worth a visit for any Lynch or great cocktail fans!

Try and stroke the stick- I dare ya!



Sara Darling

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