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Are these the BEST products ever for sparkly eyes??

I love trying new beauty products. Especially when they involve something that could potentially improve the quality of my life!!!

So when I discovered the TheraPearl range for tired eyes, I knew I had to investigate a little further….

I am someone who admittedly burns the candle at both of it’s proverbial ends. I socialize and I get up to go to pump class. However much my body can take it, my poor eyeballs have been sending out SOS signals for a few months now. Coupled with my job as a freelance writer and stylist, which involves hours on the laptop/ipad and smart phone, I have been feeling the burn in the visage department.

So I was somewhat keen to get my paws on the TheraPearl eye essential mask. Providing a hot or cold treatment, this mask is designed for relief of red puffy eyes, and my bug bear, the dry eye.

Therapearl eye mask_Diary of a fashion darling

I was however a little apprehensive about putting something hot on my delicate eyeballs, but with the easy to follow instructions, I erred on the side of caution, and undercooked the mask in the microwave at the first attempt. (Meaning I checked it after five seconds instead of the recommended 10-15). Once I was sure it wasn’t going to burn my face off, I was happy to attach lie back and relax. A mere 20 minutes will not only reduce redness in your throbbing eyeballs, but decrease any excessive blood flow around the delicate eye area, thus potentially minimizing the unavoidable dark circles that come with late nights! I might need a few more tries before I see this result, but I am well on my way to an addiction! I wore it to bed on day number two, and it’s just as soothing cold. And for fact fans, you can even freeze it and apply in the same way so the teeny tiny balls of goodness address any migrane pains. Magic!


Coupled with Bausch + Lomb Bio True Rewetting Eye Drops, I feel like a new woman! Another product that is a must have for any laptop lover who suffers from dry, tired or irritated eyes. It provides instant natural hydration, in a simple easy to use pump. Kind of like diesel for your hardworking eyeballs, even if you wear contact lenses, and you can indulge as often as you like.


Shame it won’t protect me from some of the emails I get sent, but it will make reading them a lot easier to swallow!

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  1. Harvey Lee

    Therapearl eye mask is one of the best ways to deal with puffiness and swollen eyelids. This is a reusable eye mask and can be used hot and cold therapy. I am using this for years and love it!

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