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The Bridges of Paris: Romantic Non?

Everyone knows Paris is a romantic city, but did you know it had 37 bridges?

However many times you have visited the French capital (or if you haven’t yet), I bet this snippet has slipped your mind. You probably focus on the shopping, art, architecture, food and giant metal Tower which takes prominence over the Seine, so the ancient bridges that cross it get forgotten….

But American photojournalist, Michael St James has created a stunning photography book celebrating the beauty of the city’s iconic (and not so well known) bridges, along with a useful historical commentary.

Giving up life in America to fulfil his own artistic dreams, Paris became a playground for St James, and the bridges, culture and people obviously became a passion, and he diligently photographed morning, noon and night. The result is a large-format photography book with over 350 original color images, which he spent a year in Paris creating.

The book not only acts as a tourist guide, it weaves an enigmatic story, and helps document the history of the Parisian landmarks which bring the city to life. You see the real Paris from the eye of an insider, as well as the buzz and tranquility which other picture books do not.


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