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My first Shiatsu Massage

I was quite looking forward to re-aligning my chakras at NW10 Health and Beauty. It’s been a while….

With a Shiatsu massage on the menu, I was expecting a little bit of probing! In order to find my prana, the massage was personally designed to unblock my free-flowing energy and gently coax my Chinese “Qi”.

In actual fact, I was much in need of some holistic bodywork, being particularly worn out (burning the candle at both ends!!) So I took reassurance that the bodywork would be both intuitive and gentle.

My practitioner Aruna gave me a thorough screening, where I divulged all aspects of my life, and enabled her to find a focus for my first session; Even if you don’t have any particular ailments, Shiatsu is known to work well in treating back pain, depression, sleep disorder, digestive disorder, pregnancy, migraine, infertility and menstrual problems, as well as just general day to day life stresses.

Wearing my own loose clothing, I began the treatment face down on a floor cushion, covered in a baby soft blanket. It is the type of approach that does not need fancy candles, chimes or incense sticks. It strips the idea of massage back to basics, and just the fact of taking time out and being assisted in my breathing was relaxing. With the focus on the present, I was encouraged to distance myself from my hectic lifestyle, and in the comfort of the still and peaceful room, the fatigue, stress and pollution I encounter every day seemed so far away. I was very much looking forward to free-ing up my blood flow, and promoting a more balanced me!

Aruna chose to focus on unleashing trapped energy in my overworked shoulders. Strong fingers tackled my shoulders, neck and back through the blanket, which was a soothing force, although deep enough to feel, was strangely relaxing. As if the blanket was a buffer to the blow!

I was then rolled over, for some attention to be given to my stomach. With stomach/spleen allowing mental thought and activity, it is necessary for it be as free, unblocked and receptive as possible. It is only natural to get knots in our stomach when nervous or stressed, and once I had got used to the sensation of the intense probing, which is a little unnerving especially around my uber-sensitive belly button, I tried to relax and let my tangled thoughts slip away.

With some quiet time to reflect once the massage was finished, I felt a feeling of calmness. I was ready to take on life’s challenges and felt more confident of being able to take myself back and focus on deep breathing when life gets tough.

I know it’s only a start! Shiatsu sessions work well as a course, but to be honest I was relaxed after just one, and as an alternative to aromatherapy, and when you are not in the mood to take your clothes off, this is definitely something to consider.

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