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55Pages is a magazine that I founded with Christopher Sims nearly seven years ago. We didn’t plan on it lasting this long (some relationships don’t even make it!!) and to be honest it is a labour of love.. but love it we do. It’s a showcase for our talents- mine in styling, writing and editing, and Chris in photography, creative direction and design. Together we bicker and banter, but generally come up with a compatible new baby every six months! 

If you haven’t checked it out before, please peruse the archives, and join the mailing list on the site. 

We publish the hard copy every Summer and Winter, but you can see it online too. 

If you have a spare half hour and want to check out some fashion, art, comment and culture, please enjoy the mag here 

 And enjoy a couple of articles I wrote here: 

SD xx

Sara Darling

Hello there, Thanks for reading! I am an ex fashion stylist (gave it up to follow my gypsy soul). Now writing words for mags and websites on culture, fashion, travel and wellness. As well as copywriting for numerous fashion and travel clients, I write features, interviews and reviews for clients including Schon! magazine, Riverside Journals, Style of the City magazine, Eluxe magazine, Kensington and Chelsea magazine,,,,, and more! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @WordsByDarling @1stClassDarling