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Plump up your cheeks at Gazelli House

If your face needs a good seeing to, head to Walton Street for the perfect pick me up

I managed to squeeze in a visit to my new favourite place, Gazelli House just in time for party season, and if I hadn’t scoffed so many chocs over the last two days, I’m sure my skin would still be glowing in gratitude.

I headed for a long overdue Prescriptive Facial, long overdue as I knew as my winter skin had become a bit ‘crunchy’ and definitely needed some TLC.

The great thing about Gazelli House is that you don’t feel like you’re at a typical spa; There are no candles, wind chimes or unauthentic waterfalls here! It’s more like popping over to a really good friend’s place, where the sophisticated and homely ambience set the scene for my treatment, and were the ideal antidote to my Scrooge mood!

With a Prescriptive Facial, it is necessary to have a thorough consultation with your therapist, so she can completely understand what you currently do, and would like to achieve from the session. Call it facial therapy if you like! I knew my skin needed extra attention in the winter to hydrate and revive, but I was also facing the dreaded laughter lines (aka wrinkles). I definitely wasn’t ready for anything that involved a needle. Scardey cat I might be, but I was happy to try other forms of rescue remedies first!

This resulted in a unique facial, tailored just for me. I couldn’t wait to get my tired, neglected skin back into tip top shape. Being perscribed the Oxygen Therapy to tackle my cells, I was recommended the renowned OXYJet- a non invasive pulse programme which pushes Gazelli’s special oils three times deeper into my skin, followed by an Eye Lift Mask complete with Black Tea to tackle my dark circles.

No facial is complete without a massage, and the lifting and lymphatic massage was the perfect finish to enhance my newly hydrated and plumped skin, and the white oil.. don’t get me started on the smell of that!

To be honest, I felt like I had had an Essex facelift, or just returned from a very relaxing and reinvigorating holiday at the very least. Not only did I look several years younger, my cheeks were cheekier, eyes more sparkly and I seemed to have gained a pre-Christmas, ‘nothing is going to phase me now’, glow!

Now if only Santa thought I had been a good girl, I might have got some vouchers for a suggested follow up treatment… alas I didn’t! But bugger Santa, I’ll be booking back for myself!

I’d highly recommend a visit for yourself- I might even see you in the lounge!

Gazelli House | 174 Walton Street | London | SW3 2JL
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