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Bullets, balm, blindfolds and…All at Box of Grey

Even though the film 50 Shades of Grey was a bit of a soggy affair, the opportunity to experiment in the bedroom is at fever pitch!

If you are not a Billy Boaster, but more of a discerning lover who wants to fulfil a variety of fantasies, the Box of Grey should be right up your street. Will an easy to navigate and very discreet website, you can order a carefully curated box to provide all that you might want for a quiet night in (or weekend away) so you can play with your partner without any blushes (unless you want them that is!)

Sexy, sensual and luxurious, the elegant flightboxes suggest mystery and fun, so prepare to lock the door and be aroused by the goodies inside!

Specializing in luxury erotic products and illicit treats, you can expect leather, feather treasures, horse hair spankers and 9carat gold flakes inside your dildo! They do come at a price, but for a luxurious bedroom sesh to impress, this is definitely on the Christmas wish list.

If you can’t wait for Christmas, book in for a naughty night at London’s Soho Sanctum Hotel, where you can access the key to the ‘Toy Cupboard” for adults only, at an additional £100. So if you want a cheeky night on the tiles and no strings (unless you ask nicely!), the whip, ice cubes, blindfolds, lube, vibrators (and more) are waiting for you…

Your secret is safe with me! And Room 404 is the one to remember…

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