Wellies for the city and beyond…

Wellington boots can never be glamorous, however you attempt to dress them up.

But I presume that a wellie wearer would never need to impress that much in general outdoor cavorting in the woods/countryside /garden!

With Muck Boots, there is such a wide variety of styles and patterns to choose from, you can snazz up your normal jeans and wellies look. I can’t guarantee that the funky prints will turn heads with the horses, but the complete water protection, warm neoprene coating and developed comfortable shape, will make you the envy of your (human) friends.

Having been anti-wellies for half my life, declaring myself too much of a city-ite, I did concede to trying a rather fetching pink chequered pair for my recent venture to the Secret Garden Party Festival, and boy I am glad I did. They survived the torrential 36 hour rainfall, and kept my feet at least, fresh as a daisy!

Now when I said that wellies can’t can’t glam, I wasn’t refering to when I am wearing them obviously!

Check out the designs for yourself. Even the city slickers need something to wear if they escape to the country.. Now where did I put my trowel?!



Arctic Weekend Casual, All-Purpose Winter Boot Black- Hot Pink £80 (Side)Pacy II All-Conditions Riding Boot Black £120 (Side)

Sara Darling

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