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If you’re a cocktail fan, 40 Elephants is the only bar to know in Central London

I am! And I am glad I have made the acquaintance of the back bar of 40 Elephants, which can be found behind the hoi polloy of Westminster, set within the beautiful Scotland Yard Hotel- worlds away from the tourist trail.

Named after a gang who had a penchant for dressing well and living the high life, funded by shoplifting and plundering thousands of pounds worth of goods, their trademark was disguising themselves as maids from wealthy homes, before ransacking the houses of everything of worth. Led by Alice Diamond, the notorious gang reached its zenith in the roaring 20s, and the bar is decorated in the plush Art Deco style, to echo the highlife the mob enjoyed, completed with a Nicola Green print, ‘Bob Haired Bandit’ embellished with diamond dust, which takes pride of place above the fireplace.

If you’re looking for a bar with history, read on…. and check it out for yourself.

Visit 40 Elephants bar

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