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With more and more products on the market offering all kinds of ways to plump, heal and regenerate ageing skin, it takes something special to grab my attention. But the fact Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox are already fans of Swisscode, might have helped!

But it’s the low maintenance and easy to use Swisscode philosophy that really convinced me.  Concentrating only on natural ingredients in a variety of combinations, the scientists behind the brand have concocted infusions of seven essential ingredients, to tackle all manner of skin problems, to provide a powerful punch; Plus it is easy to use with little effort or faff. 

Without any fancy packaging or gimmicks- the pipette means you don’t use too much, and used sparingly, the serum will last a long time. You actually don’t need much of the intense formula to see results on your skin. Just a few drops is enough, and make sure you rub it deeply into any contours to get the magic to work. 

I applied the Pure Hyaluron, (which is specifically for fine lines and wrinkles), every day and night underneath my normal moisturiser, and already, even with this pesky, unpredictable weather, my skin feels smoother to the touch and dare I say more radiant.

I’m not sure any creams or lotions that apply directly to the skin can make too much of a difference to lines or creases; But if you find something that allows you to simulate natural collagen, those wrinkles and crinkles aren’t going to stand a chance! 

Prices start at £90.

Check out the Swisscode website for more details.


Sara Darling

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