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The Roaming Nomad is heading to town….

Iconic films to tickle your tastebuds heading to an open space near you


It’s nearly time for bank holiday season, and that officially means, pasty legs, barbeques and flip flops…It also means the start of lots of fabulous pop up events around the fabulous green spaces in London. I’m a particular fan of outdoor screenings. There’s something so romantic about watching Jaws in a cemetary!

It was also a delight to get a sneaky peek of The Lookout in Hyde Park last week- an eco event space with decking, seating and sculptures which is also one of the homes to the roaming NOMAD cinema (that gives all it’s proceeds to the Sustainable Institute in South Africa). So while you’re having a whale of a time, you can rest assured you are doing a good deed for our friends across the world too!

What could make a better night out? Especially if you want to impress a date…..British summer in the city starts here.

With so many cool locations popping up all the time, it’s best to check the main website for tickets and availability. But I have earmarked at least 3 of the June films, so maybe see you there!

NOMAD DIARY (for month one- I didn’t want to overload you!!!)

SUN | 22-May-16 | THE HOXTON, SHOREDITCH | JUNO (12) – indoors, seated, includes drinks + nibbles

SUN | 26-Jun-16 | THE HOXTON, SHOREDITCH | THE SOCIAL NETWORK (12) – inside, seated, includes drinks + nibbles
THURS | 7-Jul-16 | GROSVENOR SQUARE | FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF (12A) ⧫ – wifi headsets
FRI | 8-Jul-16 | GROSVENOR SQUARE | THE BIG LEBOWSKI (18) ⧫ – wifi headsets
SAT | 9-Jul-16 | GROSVENOR SQUARE | SPEED (15) ⧫ * – wifi headsets
THURS | 14-Jul-16 | GROSVENOR SQUARE | THE NOTEBOOK (12A) ⧫ * – wifi headsets
FRI | 15-Jul-16 | GROSVENOR SQUARE | THE HANGOVER (18) ⧫ – wifi headsets
SAT | 16-Jul-16 | GROSVENOR SQUARE | THELMA & LOUISE (15) ⧫ – wifi headsets
SAT | 23-Jul-16 | MEANTIME BREWERY | TOTAL RECALL (15) – includes pint of Meantime beerI

For more info  and tickets, check out

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