Riding Horses like there’s no tomorrow! 

Growing up at the seaside  I was more of a beach babe than a country bumpkin so owning a pony was never in the equation.. However I did have a go on a donkey once. (I believe it was a holiday in Bognor when I was 11 but we won’t mention that!!)

So with fringing and tassels so SS15, I jumped at the chance to dig out my best suede-ette waistcoat and checked shirt to try out a pony for size at the Trent Park Equestrian Centre in Oakwood.

Invited by AviaCircle PR, a gaggle of journos turned up in highly innapropriate footwear to take part in the Visit Idaho #IDAHOrsing event.

Apparently riding is THE thing to do in a county *with flattened out mountains,  would be the size of Texas!! And that is pretty ginormous!

With plenty of mountains, lakes, lush greenery and wildlife to gallop through, I’m not surprised..It’s great weather also has a big potato population… And the wine is pretty tasty too.

Perfect for a family holiday I’m informed. Just need a few more goes on Huey the wonder horse and I’ll be confident at tackling anything!


Sara Darling

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